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WIBO is thankful for its many volunteers that give their time and expertise to assist aspiring entrepreneurs with growing successful sustainable businesses. Our team of volunteers is business owners and business professionals who bring real-world experiences and insights into the workshops.


Current CEO

Stephen Jackson became the CEO of WIBO on May 1, 2018, after serving on the WIBO board.  Stephen has been apart of the WIBO family since he graduated the program in 1992. Stephen has volunteered as a Work Group Leader after graduating WIBO and served as a Discussion  Leader since 2010 when he encouraged his daughter to attend WIBO before starting her clothing boutique business.

Stephen has used what he learned in the 16-week workshop to build and sell 3 multi-million dollar companies.  When he sold his last company RDZ Media Group, LLC in 2013, Stephen started a nonprofit running club Run2LIVE that has grown to include the Healthy Lifestyle University producer of the I’m Battling Against Diabetes “I’m B.A.D. program

Our Awesome


Kelvin Ayala

Discussion Leaders, Executive Team

Kelvin Ayala is a principal business and economic development adviser with a strategic focus on small business empowerment, place-making, urban planning, commercial development, and other job creation initiatives that stimulate…

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Kim Bianca Williams

Discussion Leaders, Executive Team

Kim Bianca Williams is the principal of Urban Synergy in Action and the President & CEO of VCL Consulting Group.  In Georgia,  she served as a community advocate and professional development…

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Natalie Pryce

Executive Team, Work Group Leaders

Natalie Pryce, of Pryceless Consulting, actively helps professionals build and manage their brand to a higher level of success. With a solid and proven 80/20 approach that resonates across generations…

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